Live in Bunker Luxury in this Trousdale Estate by ID Group

There’s a swank area of Beverly Hills called Trousdale, located at the base of the Santa Monica Mountains and stretching all the way up the side of the hill. Known as the Trousdale Estates, there are mansions here that are the pride of a neighbourhood known for being where some of the richest people in the world live, offering spectacular views of Los Angeles proper and giving brilliant architects, like the ones at ID Group, a place to really show what they can create.

trousdale estate luxury bunker pool and ocean view

Which is exactly what ID Group did for the 18,000 square foot Trousdale estate that they designed and built to look like a futuristic fortress nestled atop Beverly Hills. Built largely out of cement, this home has a spectacular view of the entire city and an open floor plan despite the bunker-type feel of cement walls and columns throughout its layout. Long covered cement patios lead to cement platforms in pools, allowing the whole house to feel open to the rest of the property. The whole home feels somewhere between a secret military base and a minimalist hotel—which is more or less the ideal place for someone living in Trousdale who is rich and famous.

Check it out

trousdale estate pool on mountain top

trousdale estate fire place and pillar view

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