Live In a Cabin by the Lake in this Modern Lodge

Imagine a lodge out by the lake that’s away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, a getaway for you and your family every time you come home. You’re probably picturing a rustic cabin, right? Something that feels like it has been around for decades if not longer and is part of the land itself? Can you picture it?

modern lodge dining area decoration

Well, what happens if you modernized it, while keeping the same wooden and structural aesthetics as the old fashioned wooden lodge you originally pictured in your mind. That’s exactly what Kansas City’s Kem Studio Architects did with their Modern Lodge home, a two story “cabin” that is outside the big city by the lake. The home has two separate platonic forms, one that is wood clad like a cabin and another that has cement and white stucco all around it, dug out of the home’s massive foundation, where the more private sections are located. Large windows have also been installed to face the lake that border the rear of their property, allowing the occupants inside to immerse themselves in lake living. The house is even more physically connected to the lake, due to large stones that have been extracted from the hillside the house is built upon and the lake itself.

Whoever said modern suburban living is bad?

Check it out

modern lodge dining sofa fireplace and outside view

modern lodge pet in bedroom beside corridor

modern lodge enter exit corridor and lawn view

modern lodge entrance decoration

modern lodge entrance decoration with table decoration

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