Live Simpler and Fuller in a Tiny Plus Hus

We’ve all seen YouTube videos or documentaries on “tiny-houses,” but are they practical? Does anyone actually live in them? If you wanted to live in one, what steps would you have to take?.

tiny plus hus table with food and flower

Plus Hus is here to answer those questions and many more. An architectural company based in California, Plus Hus designs and dispenses 320 sq ft tiny homes to anyone who wants one. The small units are completely customizable, can be dropped anywhere, and have a beautiful modern feel. The 16’ x 20’ structures are meant to be used for almost any purposes and are surprisingly well thought out. As is the case with many minimalist ideas, the point of the Plus Hus is to create a simpler, yet fuller life, maximizing the value of the room you have, and not wasting unnecessary time, money, or space.

tiny plus hus kitchen sink kettley and box

Plus Hus boasts that their units are green a practical – made from mnmMOD panels that last a long time and are energy efficient, completely customizable – with three main configurations and a wide selection of finishing materials, and easy as can be – the Plus Hus will be delivered directly to the site you order it.

tiny plus hus decorated bedroom

In short, Plus Hus is a unque, efficient, and resourceful structure design that allows anyone to simply augment their property with an affordable, green, and modern space that is meant to blend in, while standing out.

Check it out

tiny hus decorated study room with computer table

tiny house decorated reading table bookshelf

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