No Stairs Required in This Escher Tiny House

Really small homes that are beautifully designed but have all the essentials have been all the rage lately; a lifestyle and architectural revolt against the sprawling, suburban cookie-cutter homes that were popular at the end of the 20th Century and became a symbol of a certain post-modern malaise. And leading the way on this new trend is New Frontier Tiny Homes, whose mission is to design stylish and creative custom tiny homes for just about any setting.

movable escher tiny house

While New Frontier has a couple of designs, the Escher model stands out about the rest, as it effectively utilizes the area around the tiny house itself. The entrance is a sliding glass door the leads into the living room while the other wall, arguably a second entrance, is a glass-paned garage door that slides up, allowing the structure to appear larger and allowing a cross-breeze when both doors are open. A lofted bed hangs off one end of the home, beside the full, surprisingly spacious kitchen with Wolf appliances and windows that open up to an outdoor bar, encouraging you to set up seating right outside, again utilizing the land around the home. On the opposite end is a full bath with shower and above it, another lofted bed, for guests or kids.

escher tiny house inner decoration

Many more amenities and options are hidden away in different compartments of the Escher tiny home. You’ll just have to visit New Frontier Tiny Homes site, or buy one, to see for yourself.

Check it out

escher tiny house kitchen study area with nature

escher tiny house kitchen full view

escher tiny house kettle on gas stove view

escher tiny house food drawer out of box

escher tiny house bedroom full view

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