Lovtag Treetop Hotel Lets You Sleep in the Trees

Treehouses are more and more popular, and they are increasingly becoming hot places to stay on your next trip. It’s no surprise; the novelty of a treehouse appeals to our adventurous and curious sides. It’s also hard to argue that treehouses don’t hold a romantic power over us, capable of taking us back to childhood memories.

Should you ever find yourself in the picturesque forest of Mariager Fjord in Denmark, you can experience the magical qualities of a treehouse in a plush, luxurious hotel—the Lovtag Treetop Hotel by Sigurd Larsen.

treetop hotel bedroom

Mariager Fjord is Denmark’s longest fjord and is home to an ecology full of life and packed with incredible views. In the midst of all that are nine planned cabins that are built around old-growth trees around eight meters off the ground. The cabins feature a sleeping area with a double bed, a living room with a double sofa bed, a kitchen, and a toilet. There’s an outdoor shower to clean up in after a day of hiking in the surrounding woods. If the floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows don’t give you enough of a view, you can climb to the top of the cabin and access the roof terrace where you can see more of the forest, or just relax in the cool breeze and warm sun.

treetop hotel balcony

But these aren’t just cabins that are perched up in the branches of a tree. Instead, the cabins are built around the trunk of the tree, making the tree a central figure in the design and aesthetic of the cabin. The cabins are supported by metal stilts so as to not stress out the tree any more than necessary. Entrance to the cabins is gained through a suspended bridge. Only one of the cabins is currently open. It’s available for USD$294 per night.

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