Man’s Best Friend Deserves the Deauville House

The Deauville House was designed for man’s best friend. He’s your most loyal companion. Wherever you go, he’s by your side—erstwhile, true, and ready for action or relaxing. Someone like that deserves a sweet sanctuary to call his own, and that’s the vision behind the Deauville House.

deauville house full view

Bad Marlon Design Studio is the team behind this project. Their vision is to foster “a deeper connection between pets and people.” Will the Deauville House achieve that vision? It’s definitely possible. If nothing else, your canine companion will have a comfortable place all his own. The design is simple, but attractive. It pays homage to the traditional dog house, but adds a unique flair by eliminating one wall and replacing it with a longer roof. That longer roof also features an elongated window to allow more light and ventilation. Speaking of ventilation, the other side of the roof is slated for even more air flow. Another window adorns the wall opposite. The whole building is constructed of powder coated steel and plywood. A cushion is included with the house.

deauville house on pool beside lakes

The Deauville House is meant for dogs under five kilograms and measures 635mm X 435mm X 480mm.

Most notable is the price. You might look at this house and think you could just as easily make it yourself, but consider that for the cost of materials and time, you’d actually save money by contacting Bad Marlon and ordering a Deauville House for your best friend. Besides, he deserves it.

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