Marin County Shack or Mansion?

This house may have been dubbed the Marin County “Shack” but it sure isn’t a shanty or other dive. Built for a San Francisco couple, the Shack is a thing of beauty. Originally plagued by low ceilings and partition walls, it was remodeled to better take advantage of the beautiful mountain views that surrounded it. Now, occupants can relax in view of the well-maintained gardens and Mount Baldy.

marin county mansion terrace

The original, and very rare, old growth redwood siding was maintained as well as the Sonoma stone fireplace. The original Douglas Fir ceiling was revealed, which inspired the hunt for more reclaimed wood to be used in the project. That wood ended up being used for the mantel, floors, and the interior doors. And outdoor seating area was created, which necessitated opening up the dining room and kitchen to be able to access it. Extreme detail was planned into the kitchen cabinets to help make this possible. In the bathroom, light porcelain tiles were added along with a large translucent window.

marin county mansion kitchen view

A second story was added along with a garage and stepped terraces that lead down to a pool. The addition adds more area to the living room. The second floor became the master suite. On the inside, the mix of woods is warm and inviting, and garners more attention thanks to the simple white paint.

marin county mansion kitchen counter view

After viewing the house, you’ll be left thinking that if this is what passes for a shack, then sign me up.

Check it out

marin county mansion lobby and dining area

marin county mansion porch view

marin county mansion pool and umbrella shade

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