Melt House Maximizes Space

The Melt House, designed by SAI Architecture, is an excellent example of using limited space to its maximum potential. When the owner approached SAI Architecture about building a home in Osaka, he requested that they create a home that could still offer plenty of natural, green space. The lot, however, is surrounded by apartment blocks and houses, and was very narrow. There weren’t many options available to the designers, but that didn’t stop them from coming up with a spectacular home for the family.

melt house car shade side view

The first thing you’ll notice about the Melt House is that it is narrow…and long–it uses up nearly the entire plot. That may lead you to wonder if the architects ignored the request to include interaction with greenery in the home. The center of the home, splitting the north and south sides of the building, opens into a courtyard with trees that stretch up into the upper levels. You’ll also notice the corrugated exterior: the vertical lines make the home seem even taller and thinner; the rounded corners help mitigate the effect.

melt house staircase view

As impressive as the exterior is, the interior is just as stunning. There’s plenty of exposed wood that, with its tan and gold color, adds a warmth to the use of white throughout. Because the home is elongated, it could feel like a long hallway, but the tall ceilings and large windows open the home.

Maximizing the space has created a more than comfortable place to live.

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