Miami Condo Features a $2 Million Pagani Zonda

The owners of a Miami Condo installed a $2 Million Pagani Zonda as a room divider. The $8 million condo is an oceanfront property in Miami, Florida. Not satisfied with having an opulent condo, nor with having a rare Pagani Zonda R supercar (reportedly only 15 of the cars were ever made, the owner opted to have the car mounted sideways on a wall, separating the living room from a bedroom. Artefacto Home Staging had to bring in a crane to hoist the car up to the home’s balcony doors. Using a system of pulleys and sheer brawn, the car made it to the balcony, where another team was waiting to bring it inside. Once inside, it was rotated and then mounted to a specially created out of aluminum and carbon fiber. Just installing the stand was a feat in and of itself. It required a series of x-rays to ensure that the placement was accurate—something required by the various city, county, and building codes and requirements.

pagani view miami condo


The Pagani Zonda was specially made for this project. With the motor out—a 740 horsepower Mercedes-Benz 6.0 liter V12 capable of 218 miles per hour and able to hit 60 in just 2.7 seconds—the car weighed only 800 pounds. The installation is actually a copy of a Pagani Zonda R belonging to the owner, so don’t fret over a supercar being wasted as a wall hanging. The original is still out on the streets.

Check it out

balcony miami condo view

miami condo bedroom view

dining area miami condo

miami condo lounge view

miami condo dining table view

lounge with pagani zonda view

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