Mirage Gstaad House Brings New Meaning to House of Mirrors

County carnivals are no stranger to the idea of a house of mirrors. The attractions have been a mainstay for decades. Where they are more unfamiliar is on the side of snow-capped mountains. Artist Doug Aitken’s newest outdoor sculpture, the Mirage Gstaad, is located just outside the installation’s namesake in Switzerland. The building is a house made entirely of mirrored surfaces, or, as Aitken explains, it is “a seemingly generic structure devoid of narrative, its inhabitants and possessions.” The idea behind the sculpture is that as the seasons change, the house will provide a “visual echochamber that endlessly reflects” the mountain landscape. The installation will reside outside Gstaad, Switzerland, for two years, starting the weekend of February 1-3, at Elevation 1049. If you are unable to make the trip to Gstaad, you can still check out the installation via the 24-hour webcam. Mirage Gstaad follows in the same vein as Aitken’s Mirage Detroit, which used the same idea of a mirrored suburban home to create a life size kaleidoscope. Mirage Detroit was built inside the State Savings Bank.

gstaad house

Doug Aitken is known for his immersive approach to art. He has been featured in exhibitions around the world, including at the Whitney Museum of American Art, The Museum of Modern Art, the Vienna Secession, the Serpentine Gallery in London, and the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris.

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inside view house

Mirage House