Montauk Lake House Is a Place to Grow

The Montauk Lake House, designed by Robert Young Architects, stands out in an area filled with mansions. The home was designed to be a place where a family could grow and entertain guests. While it may not be one of the giant homes, it’s still a beautiful addition to the area.

lounge and overview of lake

Montauk Lake wasn’t always a destination. It was Carl Fisher’s vision of turning the largest freshwater lake on Long Island into the “Miami Beach of the North.” Fisher blasted a hole in the northern shoreline to connect the lake to Block Island Sound, which connects to the Atlantic Ocean. On Star Island, an island in the lake, Fisher built the Montauk Yacht Club and the Star Island Casino. Soon, golf courses, manors, a playhouse, and more popped up around the lake.

montauk house bedroom view

The Montauk Lake House took a different tact, opting instead for simplicity. The 4,500 square foot main house is accompanied by an 1,800 square foot guesthouse, a 600 square foot barn, and a 50 foot lap pool. The buildings plenty of room for growing and entertaining. Young incorporated the traditional look of the area with a weather-worn look, thanks in part to the cedar shakes, exposed trusses, gray-painted pine floors, and driftwood clad storage options. Views of the lake and surrounding area abound, and occupants and visitors will have plenty of places to admire.

Check it out

montauk lake house lounge area

dining table beside lounge area

 montauk house kitchen view

montauk house backyard bathing place

montauk house balcony view

garage area of montauk lake house

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