The E20_House is Some Seriously Classy Concrete

Designed by Steimle Architekten, this stunning concrete house is situated on a quiet street in the tiny town of Pliezhausen, in the Baden-Württemberg region of Germany.

e20 private residence inside decoration

The E20_House looks like a hexagon, which gives the structure a unique, eye-catching appearance. With an exterior made of insulated concrete, this building contrasts sharply against the neighbouring homes due to its strong, angular lines. Rectangular windows nicely complement the exterior while allowing in plenty of natural light.

e20 private residence outside view

The simplicity of the interior in this home is stunning, contrasting nicely with the monolithic exterior. A staircase leads from the garden room to the living level, which features an open floor plan, simple lines, and elegant modern furniture. Hardwood floors and solid oak furniture complement the soft white walls and exposed concrete.

e20 private residence backside architecture

All of the interior rooms follow the trapezoid layout of the floor-plan, the ceiling slopes upwards in keeping with the geometric shape, while the living room features a modern fireplace and minimal furniture. In addition to this, the high ceilings make the room appear very spacious.

e20 house corridor

The kitchen is vast and open with a single angular island located right in the middle. The shape of the island follows the lines of the ceiling, creating a feeling of space and openness. Integrated cabinets line the wall for a modern, clean look.

e20 house backside full view

The individual bedrooms are located directly adjacent to the living space. They are modern and feature bare concrete walls that lend a simple yet stylish aesthetic to the home utilising oversized windows which bring light and natural scenery into the respective spaces.

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