The Native Hotel Unveils a Modern Look Inspired by Old Charm

The Native Hotel in Malibu, California, was originally built in 1947. Recently remodelled, the hotel remained true to its classic roots while upgrading its amenities to serve a modern clientele.

native hotel bedroom and window view

The Native consists of 13 king-size rooms. The design was kept simple so that it would remain timeless, yet create an oasis where guests can relax. And you can’t ask for a better locale to relax. Located only minutes away from some of the world’s most idyllic beaches—like Zuma Beach and Point Dume—staying at the Native means enjoying the hush of the ocean breeze and the lullaby of crashing waves. The rooms feature a private patio that is accessed from Dutch doors. If the setting isn’t enough beauty, you can also enjoy the artwork that is exclusive to the Native, or the handmade woodwork that adorns the hotel.

native hotel ceiling light and photo frame

As far as amenities go, guests can enjoy parking, free Wi-Fi, Bluetooth music speakers, and Casper beds and linens. While the rooms are not equipped with AC, the retro fan picks up any slack that’s left over by the cooling breeze.

native hotel golden sink and white basin

The Native is surrounded by the beauty of Malibu, with its acres of greenery. If you’re heading down the Pacific Coast Highway, and you’re looking for a place to unwind and reconnect, then the Native has a room for you.

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native hotel ceiling light on inside the shade

native hotel wall hanger and night dress

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