Nolla Cabin is the Epitome of Tiny Living

The Nolla Cabin, designed by Finnish designer Robin Falck, may have taken the trend of tiny houses to the extreme. The cabin is “an experiment to explore how we could live on less,” hence the name “Nolla” which means “zero.” Measuring only 9 square meters, there isn’t much space to work with. Falck opted for a traditional design for the cabin—the time-tested A-frame. There is enough space for two camping beds and a small cooking nook, which has a Wallas stove that is used both for cooking and heating the space. The entire face of the cabin is one large window, allowing the occupants to enjoy the view of the archipelago. The cabin does have electricity, generated by solar panels, and is equipped with WiFi.

nolla cabin triangular prism shape

The cabin sits on the Vallisaari Island, which is just outside the Helsinki city center. The island has no infrastructure, so there is no running water to the cabin. Bathing will have to happen in the waves of the sea. Ecological dry toilets are available a short 400 meter walk away. A 700 meter walk will take you to fresh water at the Vallisaari guest port.

nolla cabin bedroom overlooking ocean

The cabin is a part of the Neste Journey to Zero campaign. Neste is the world’s largest producer of renewable diesel and is committed to moving the world to a zero emissions state. Falck worked closely with Neste on the project to showcase what could be done to promote simple yet comfortable living.

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