North Pole Luxury Igloos Offer the Extreme Vacation

So the next time you’re gathered around the water cooler and people start swapping stories about where they went for their vacation, what story do you want to tell? That you spent your time off in your grandmother’s backyard sleeping under the tree that you were supposed to be trimming, or that you went to the world’s most extreme environment to take in Mother Nature’s most spectacular light show? If you answered the latter, then you’ll need to get in touch with the North Pole Igloo Hotel.

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“The North Pole Igloos hotel concept is movable, sustainable, but still a little extreme,” the hotel’s website explains. “Depending of weather conditions we move the heated glass igloos to most safe places around the arctic glacier. You can join the group of very rare people who have spent a night at the North Pol’s glacier.” This extreme of a trip doesn’t come cheap. You’ll have to find a spare $100,000 to stay in the igloos, which are only available during the month of April. But for that investment, you get everything you need. “We provide all of the equipment,” explains Janne Honkanen, founder of Luxury Action, the company behind the igloos. “But you definitely need to have the spirit of an explorer or scientist.” Guests will receive the services of the camp manager, an arctic wilderness guide, a chef, and security. You can also get North Pole “training,” for an additional charge, at Luxury Action’s Octola lodge and wilderness retreat in Finnish Lapland.

north pole helicopter for transportation

The trip includes a two-night stay in Slavbard, an archipelago between Norway and the North Pole, before you take a two-hour helicopter ride to the North Pole ice camp. From there, guests are transported to the glacier and to their awaiting igloos. The timing is just right as well, as the Northern Lights are especially active in April. The igloos are all heated—of course—and feature an en suite bathroom—thankfully. “The North Pole has been one of the most exclusive travel destinations in the world for years,” says Honkanen, “but no nice and comfortable accommodation facilities exist there. I wanted to create a more comfortable way to experience the North Pole as it is, by bringing cozy facilities to extreme conditions.”

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Get ready to own the water cooler, because no one else will have a better vacation story, guaranteed.

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