Nowak’s Classic House Stays Simple and Elegant

Michal Nowak’s Classic House on Behance takes a look at the simplicity of what a house can be. The lines are almost LEGO like, with rows of what appear to be stacked cinder blocks or possibly some sort of synthetic shale laid over a concrete wall. What further adds to the LEGO appearance is the lack of eaves. Rather than having a roof extending out past the walls, the roof begins where the walls end.

nowak's classic house door

While the front and sides show a dearth of windows—there is only one window—in the back, the open living room is made almost entirely of glass walls. Only the two columns supporting the upstairs are solid. The second floor also sports two large windows.

nowak's classic house and car

In contrast to the grey-black exterior, the interior is a stark white. An entrance way juts out of the front, looking like a second building, but also camouflaging the glass walls of the home’s interior hallway. Circumnavigating the house is a sidewalk with the appearance of white marble, again contrasting nicely with the darker building.

It’s an interesting look—even if it is only just a concept at this stage.

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side view nowak's classic house

nowak's classic house windows

nowak's classic house drawing room