OKS Casa Has Plenty to Show

The OKS Casa was designed by Singapore-based saARCHOFFICE with the idea of taking full advantage of the large 32,390 square foot lot that it sits on. The home has many glass walls that fill the house with natural light and showcase the luxury and comfort inside.

oks casa interior foyer

Speaking of what’s inside, the OKS Casa has living quarters for service staff, a wine cellar, an in-ground pool, and theater room, a shooting gallery, and a multi-part garage. Rooms are stacked atop each other in this modernist designed home. What appears to be one building is actually three houses which serve to house the owner and his extended family. At its highest, the home reaches four stories.

oks casa bedroom with robe

What stands out most about the OKS Casa, though, is its “Supercar Gallery.” Here the owner has plenty of room to show of the half dozen Ferraris, Porsches, and other sports cars. There’s space for five cars, and a cockpit room where the owner can house his current favorite ride.

Check it out

oks casa wooden staircase marbled walls

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