Peace of Mind in the Eye of the Storm

“The Eye of the Storm is a well-known landmark in the Charleston area. For many residents of Sullivans Island in South Carolina, the threat of hurricanes is a constant worry—a worry that the original owners of The Eye of the Storm house faced. In 1989, Hurricane Hugo decimated the islands across the Lowcountry, including leveling the home that stood on the site previously. When it came time to rebuild, the owners asked their son to build a concrete dome. The result was a 650 ton, 4,047 square foot home. The main floors feature three bedrooms with four full bathrooms. There is approximately 3,571 square feet with an additional 526 square feet of ground floor conditioned space (this area is uninsurable).

eye of the storms fireplace preview

The dome is monolithic, meaning that there is no separate roof. Additionally, it’s thermospheric, making it more energy efficient. When the next storm comes, this dome will shed off the weather, keeping the inside safe. Residents can enjoy the close proximity of the beach—the 0.48 acre lot fronts the beach, and the house is only 230 feet away from the sand. Windows on the beach side reveal a stunning 100-foot wide view of the beach.

eye of the storm bedroom inside view

The master bedroom also has a private balcony to enjoy the view from. A large kitchen on the main floor feeds into the Great Room, which features a skylight in the dome above. In total there is 889 square feet of deck space. You’ll even find a bank vault room to protect valuables.

Check it out

eye of the storms lounge area

dining area of eye of the storm

staircase and lounge preview

balcony area of eye of the storm

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