The Walls of the Philip Johnson Masterpiece Mansion Have Stories to Tell

If walls could talk, some homes would have some pretty impressive tales to tell. The Philip Johnson Masterpiece home in Dallas, Texas, is one home that would have an entire library of books filled with incredible stories. The home has played host to galas and events filled with tuxedos and extravagant gowns. A former president and first lady visited, and a rock concert was held there. Fashion shows made use of the double staircase.

Philip Johnson masterpiece dining area

Singers, socialites, senators, and ambassadors have graced the home’s hallways, and its rooms have been celebrated in numerous publications from books to Vogue and The New York Times. The lawn was even the site of a ballet performance.

Philip Johnson masterpiece visitor's waiting area

But that’s not all. The building has served as home for families with children, dogs, and cats. Birthdays and anniversaries have been celebrated there. Teens heading to prom have passed through its doors, and volleyball games have been played on its lawn. Christmas trees shed light in it. A debut was held there, as was a wedding. For 53 years and counting, the Philip Johnson Masterpiece has been home. And now it could be your next home.

Philip Johnson masterpiece bedroom

The seven-acre estate is filled with park-like spreads that include gardens, a lake, and a tennis court. It is a gated community complete with its own security system. The property comes with a media house, a modernist cabana, and a pool. Inside, the home holds a dining room with an arched canopy, six bedrooms, seven full baths, and four half baths.

Philip Johnson masterpiece lounge view

Walk-in closets provide plenty of storage space, and a breakfast bar is a convenient gathering place. There’s a library as well as a billiards room. Hardwood flooring fills in where marble flooring ends. The home also has a media room for a home theatre. The entire home, built in 1964, was recently completely updated in 2008. You can purchase the full 11,387 square feet for USD$19,500,000.

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Philip Johnson masterpiece library

Philip Johnson masterpiece meeting area with window glass