Phum Baitang Resort Redeems Cambodia

Phum Baitang Resort showcases the hidden beauty of Cambodia. The violent history of the country has, in the past, overshadowed just how stunning the small county on the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia. Thankfully, Cambodia is changing and beginning to open up to the rest of the world.

phum baitang dining room decorate with plant

Phum Baitang is Khmer for “green village” and the name fits. The resort is built on eight acres of verdant and lush gardens and rice paddy fields. Located in Siem Reap, a rural area of Cambodia near the gateway to Angkor’s World Heritage Sites, the resort features 45 villas. The villas are built in the traditional manner on stilts. There are 25 Terrace Villas that measure 645 square feet, each with a generous deck, and 20 Pool Villas that open into the garden area and feature a private plunge pool and lounge pavilion (the Pool Villas measure 775 square feet).

phum baitang villas bathroom view

The villas may be built like a traditional Khmer village, but even though the roofs are straw-thatched, you’ll still be experiencing the lap of luxury. Local stone and wood were brought in to maintain the traditional feel. The rooms have all the amenities you need for a pleasurable stay. Yet, even with all these modern conveniences, you’ll be able to enjoy the jungle that surrounds the resort—with all of its sounds of life and nature.

phum baitang swiming pool and rest chair

Cambodia’s future of tourism is wide open and—judging from Phum Baitang—inviting.

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