Prince’s Island Estate up for Auction Complete with Purple Driveway

Prince’s Island Estate in Turks and Caicos shows the artist’s flair with a characteristic purple driveway. Though Prince loved his hometown of Minneapolis, who can blame him for picking up an island getaway—especially for those long winter seasons in Minnesota. An eight time Grammy award winner, Prince had many hits that propelled him to international stardom. Fortunately, this island estate had plenty of privacy for him to unwind and relax, including two private beaches and a 200 foot personal dock. There’s also a giant tennis court that can be seen in the aerial photos, though, curiously, no basketball court anywhere in sight.

turks and caicos estate aerial view

The estate sits on a five acre plot on Providenciales, located on the south shore of the island. The house itself sits 40 feet above sea level and has over 10,000 square feet of living area, which includes six bedrooms and six bathrooms. Multiple outdoor areas provide access to the stunning view of Turks and Caicos. There is also a tennis court on the estate. A guard house at the entrance of the property helps maintain privacy.

prince island estate surrounded by blue water

The estate will go on auction July 12, 2018. If you’re interested, you can schedule a tour of the home, but if you plan on putting in a sealed bid, you’ll have to be ready to provide proof of funds. If do you end up owning this incredible property, however, you’ll be partying like its 1999.

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