Relocate with Crosson Clarke Carnachan’s Hut on Sleds

The Hut on Sleds by architects Crosson Clarke Carnachan has the unique feature of being able to be moved around the beachfront as it is literally built on rails, just like a sled. Hooking up a tractor to the sled allows you to move the shack to a new location. The hut is a response to the local council of the Whangapoua coastline in New Zealand to build structures in the coastal erosion zone. Because of the shore’s constantly changing status, mobility was a prerequisite, but instead of the easy wheels, the designer went with an innovative sled approach instead.

crosson clarke carnachan hut on sleds outside view

The hut may only measure 40 square meters, but there’s plenty of space for a family of five. A large shutter on one side can be opened to double as a large awning over the two-story glass wall that can also be opened to allow in the ocean breeze. The roof also pulls double duty, functioning as a roof terrace as well. Rainwater can be captured for the gravity tanks.

Inside, a mezzanine bedroom can be reached by climbing a wall-mounted ladder and passing through a closable hatch. A common area with a kitchen and living space make up the first floor. Décor is accomplished with an industrial style, which ties in nicely with the reclaimed wood aesthetic.

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crosson hut lounge view

hut on sleds on highland daylight view

hut on sleds outer view