Shipwreck Lodge is a Place of Imagination

The Skeleton Coast is known for its shipwrecks—and now the Shipwreck Lodges created by natural Selection. The Shipwreck Lodges are built in such a way as to call to mind the actual shipwrecks of the Skeleton Coast. There are 10 rooms total—eight twin or double rooms, and two family tents. All the rooms are solar-powered and ensuite. You’ll also find a wood-burning stove in each of the accommodations. At the center of the camp, there is a lounge and restaurant where you can enjoy incredible foods that are only paralleled by the spectacular, uninterrupted views across the sands that extend all the way to the Atlantic Ocean.

shipwreck lodge dining for candle night dinner

Despite the name, the Skeleton Coast is teeming with wildlife. Desert-adapted elephants dig deep into the sand to find water, and giraffe, lion, and baboon, and even the rare brown hyena, use the wells they leave behind. The sands are also home to thousands of types of plants and insects. In the Atlantic, marine life is abundant, and Cape fur seals call the rocky shoreline home. You’ll also find plenty variety of birdlife.

people see outside view fron shipwreck lodge terrace

The landscape is also beyond belief. San Bushmen describe the area as “the Land God Made in Anger.” From the shipwrecks and whale bones on the coast, to the rolling sand dunes of the interior, the area is mysterious and magical, and your imagination will run as wild as the land itself.

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shipwreck lodge lounge area

shipwreck lodge bedroom view

day light view lodge

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