Sleep in a Cardboard House in the Rotterdam Red Apple Marina

Living in a cardboard box may be the next new thing thanks to Wikkelhouse. The company behind turning cardboard into a building material is letting people stay in its Wikkelhouse Rotterdam Red Apple Marina through Airbnb.

Wikkelhouse rotterdam red apple marina

Wikkelhouse uses cardboard to make livable homes by wrapping 24 layers of top-quality cardboard over a house shaped mold. An eco-friendly glue holds the layers together, creating a sandwich structure that also has insulative qualities. Because of the molding technique, Wikkelhouse can make just about any space you can imagine, such as their marina. The house is completely modular as well, so setting it up in any location is possible.

Wikkelhouse door of the cardboard house

The Red Apple Marina is located in the Rotterdam city center in the Maritime District. High-rise buildings neighbor the harbor where the marina peacefully floats. The houseboat offers two bedrooms and one bath—room for four guests. Inside, guests enjoy air conditioning and heating. Guests can also opt for a hot soak thanks to a Lay-Z Palm Springs inflatable Jacuzzi, cycling, intercontinental or continental breakfasts, and boating services. Both ends of the boathouse feature a 6 x 2.5 meter terrace with lounge sets for guests to take in the view or to jump in for a swim. Public transportation is only 150 meters away, but even being in the middle of Rotterdam, you’ll feel completely isolated. The sounds of the city won’t bother you thanks to the insulated quality of the building material. A small kitchen is available for eating in and there’s also a BarrelQ-BBQ. Wikkelhouse has also struck a deal with the nearby Ibis Hotel for the breakfast buffet and to keep your luggage during check-in or check-out. You can also take advantage of the gym at the neighboring Club HealthCity to get in a workout.

Wikkelhouse under the trees

If you want a truly unique stay in an even more uniquely built home, check out Wikkelhouse’s Rotterdam Red Apple Marina.

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Wikkelhouse ready for transport