Sleep in The Dog House at the Dog Bark Park Inn

Just in case you didn’t learn anything from the Trojans, here’s an opportunity to hide away in a giant statue of an animal. Granted, you’ll be resting and relaxing instead of preparing for a sneak attack during a siege inside the Dog Bark Park Inn bed and breakfast on Airbnb.

Dog Bark Park Inn B&B bed arrangement

The Dog Bark Park Inn is located just outside of Cottonwood, Idaho. From the property, you can take in the view of the mountains as well as grain fields as far as you can see. Close by you can find Hells Canyon Gorge on the Snake River, where you can explore the famed area via jet boat during the spring, summer, and fall seasons. You can also take a jaunt over to the Nez Perce native history and culture interpretive sites, or visit rural America at any of the local towns.

Dog Bark Park Inn B&B muffin

The inn itself is shaped like a giant beagle. Raised above the ground, the room sits atop the beagle’s legs, and access is gained via a staircase that leads to a deck on the beagle’s side. The listing offers two bedrooms with three beds and a bath, perfect for four guests. The dog-house offers plenty of books, games and puzzles, including many that are dog-themed. The inn has also gained quite a reputation for offering incredible food, and the stay includes an “in-the-dog” breakfast. There’s no phone in the dog, and Wi-Fi is only available on request, so that guests are free of distractions and are able to connect with each other more easily.

Dog Bark Park Inn B&B dog display design on the head board

There are also other sculptures and areas to explore in and around the Dog Bark Park. There’s a smaller dog—Toby—that acts as a puppy to the inn (you can’t stay in Toby). A sculpture garden features some of the hosts work—he carves out wooden dogs with a chainsaw. A giant coffee pot is available for photos. And you can’t miss the 12-foot tall fire hydrant. And yes, the fire hydrant houses a portable toilet inside, in case you were wondering.

Dog Bark Park Inn B&B

The Dog Bark Park Inn is a unique place to stay, and reservations fill up quickly. You can book a night for around $200.

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