Soak it All In at The Observation Lounge

The Observation Lounge is a countryside residential retreat meant for entertaining a select few. While square footage is limited, the vertical design of the Observation Lounge creates an impressive erect structure that looks intriguing from the exterior and boasts an intimate and comfortable setting inside, perfect for rest and relaxation.

fruits water glass on tray on the bed

When the clients dreamt up this project they wanted a vertical space for hosting guests, or a getaway from the hustle bustle of their city lives. Pleffer Torode Architecture brought that exact desire to life.

soak observation lounge tray with toolbox and bottle

PTA was able to connect the building to its natural surrounding by utilizing local materials, this allowed the tower-like structure to blend into its environment, while still offering an impressive façade, no matter the angle you gaze upon it. Upon entering the building, you seem that the same attention to detail was taken on the appliances and furniture. Base materials including hide, steel, and leather were the basis for much of the interior design. Family heirlooms and personal touches add a quaint charm.

soak observation lounge kitchen and the staircase

While nothing about this project is ordinary, what really takes it to the next level is the spine of the beast. An impressive spiral staircase acts as a foundational piece and while funneling guests and visitors upwards through three stories, it gives them a complete 360-degree view of the amazing property around them.

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soak observation lounge basin plants and flower

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