St Andrews Beach House Proves Size Isn’t Everything

Many “holiday houses” are more house than get away, with the current trend being to make them just as big if not bigger than your actual house. Austin Maynard Architects was commissioned to create a holiday house that was just the opposite. The owners wanted a “bach”—a New Zealand word meaning a small, basic, modest shack or shed. While the St Andres Beach House is definitely small, it’s also stunning.

lounge view st andrews house

Set on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, the house is secluded—there are no shopping malls or restaurants nearby. Maynard opted to build this house in an Euclidean form; in other words, it’s a circular home that covers two stories. It features only two bedrooms and no corridors or hallways, which Maynard labels as “a waste.” That lack of corridors is how the house ended up being circular. And it is small, measuring only five meters in radius. The top half of the house is largely closed in, with a few tall windows. The bottom half has much more windows, giving access and views of the beautiful surroundings. On the ground floor, you’ll find the kitchen, living, and dining areas as well as a bathroom and a laundry. There is also an open deck area, which is accessed via bi-fold doors. Up the spiral staircase located in the center of the home, you’ll find a large sleeping area that is divided by curtains.

Beach House

As a holiday home, the St Andrews Beach House keeps the emphasis on the world outside, not itself.

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bedroom view Beach House

entrance house

outside view Beach House