Stay in a Dream World at Mar Adentro Hotel

Like a scene pulled from the film Inception, Mar Adentro may qualify as one of the most visually fantastic hotels in the world. Built in Los Cabos on the very tip of Mexico’s Baja Penninsula, the entire resort celebrates water as a precious natural resource. With that theme in mind, the whole resort was constructed with water as a part of it, and the bordering horizon of the Pacific ocean and the nearby sandy beaches as it’s back drop. Walkways transport visitors over pools set into Mar Adentro’s courtyard and the farm-to-table restaurant has one open air wall with tables and chairs right along the water’s edge.

mar adentro hotel outside view

mar adentro hotel inside view

Rooms, suites, villas and the condos they have on site to rent follow a similar theme of jaw dropping, modern architecture focused on the water and the horizon line of the Pacific. And the resort is more than just an architectural marvel that celebrates water where people can spend the night—there is also the aforementioned farm-to-table restaurant, a number of bars and live events from music to professional dance to photography exhibits that occur on a nightly basis.

It’s like living in a dream world, but one that never ever falls apart when you wake up.

Check it out

mar adentro hotel nest view from inside

man on mar adentro hotel dining area

mar adentro hotel pillow bed float on sea

mar adentro hotel living room with mens shadow

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