Take a Break from the World at the Disappear Retreat

Coulson Design is committed to creating architectural and living possibilities at the highest level of sustainability and comfort. They push to explore how far you can go in one direction, without compromising on the other. This is shown perfectly in their Disappear Retreat.

stars illuminated full sky scenes

Disappear Retreat integrates the components for ultimate sustainability into an almost invisible instantiation. The design is transparent, non-invasive, and connected directly with the world surrounding it. Dissolving the structure into the landscape around it goes further than most architectural firms would even imagine, but that’s the type of effort that Coulson goes into when implementing a new idea.

bedroom with black tea table and chair

This design calls for complete seamless living, with zero waste, zero energy-loss, and zero intrusion on the surrounding environment. With the state of construction and expansion in the world today, this type of living solution may be necessary in the very near future. For now, it is ahead of its time and as such gives us a unique glimpse into the exploration of sustainable living.

front view of bedroom

The most impressive and practical consideration of this design is its ability to fit anywhere and be applied in any number of solutions. Both structural design and climate considerations make the Disappear Retreat a possibility wherever it is desired.

Check it out

rake on wall and outer view

bedroom with basin and high commode

piano red chair and natural scenario

canvas paint table and relax chair in room

exit way of retreat disappearing house

retreat disappear house outside view

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