Take a Dip in this Swedish Arctic Bath

Take a Dip in this Swedish Arctic Bath
September 13, 2017 Man of Many

Take a Dip in this Swedish Arctic Bath

Man of Many

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Bathing in a crystal clear lake filled with the melt off an arctic glacier sounds amazing to most people, but accessing a lake where that can happen is few and far between these days. Plus you have to deal with where you can bathe safely, where you can wade in, where you can dry off and not freeze and a whole host of other nosey details. But what if you could bathe year-round in a spa and built over a lake that is filled with water melted from the arctic ice? That’s exactly what developers in Swedish Lapland have decided to do, by constructing the Arctic bath in Harads.

Built as a floating, open air cold bath on Luleriver downstream from the bridges of Bodtraskfors, the Arctic bath at Harads will give patrons access to the cold, clear water of the river easily and directly. The establishment will also be open year-round, from the hottest months of the summer to the coldest and darkest months of winter. Activities will obviously include cold baths, along with a host of different water activities, several saunas, spa treatments, a shop, a lounge and a restaurant all on site.

Heading to these arctic baths are only becoming more and more unique, as there is less and less arctic ice these days.

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