The A45 House Updates the Traditional Cabin

Even though it may be considered a “first prototype”, the A45 House, constructed in Upstate New York, definitely does not look like an experiment in architecture. It is unique, certainly, but it’s also a successful first attempt.

a45 traditional cabin side view

The design is based on the traditional A-frame cabin. You can still pick out the pitched roof and angled walls. Where the traditional A-frames used those elements to help shed precipitation and to make construction easier, the A45 house uses them as design features. In order to maximize the usable living area, the designers added a square base and then twisted the roof 45 degrees (hence the “A45” designation) to raise the home to a 13 foot height. The changes give the cabin 180 square feet of interior space. The solid pine timber framing has been left exposed, and matches smartly with the Douglas Fir floor as well as the space-grade, insulating natural cork walls. Future home owners interested in the cabin will be able to fully customize the cabin to suit their needs and tastes. A45 comes to the designated sites in modules and can be assembled in pretty much any location without the use of heavy machinery, all that is required is four concrete piers to provide the best support. The construction materials are all 100 percent recyclable, including the timber frame, wall modules, subfloor, and the triangular floor-to-ceiling window with seven glass pieces.

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