The Black H House is an Expression of Dramatic Minimalism

Nestled in the foothills off the rugged west cost of Scottland’s Isle of Skye, the Black H house is surrounded by meadows and pastures. While closed on its weather-facing side, the house opens to the north and invites outlandish views towards Macleod’s Tables. Designed to allow the owners to live amongst nature as opposed to on top of it, the kitchen, dining area, bed room, and living room all open to expansive floor-to-ceiling windows that let in the maximum amount of surrounding, beautiful views. Outside, you will see the black larch slats of the exterior actually reflect inside, drawing a unique continuity between interior and exterior space.

black h house window view

To make an idea, and more appropriately, a design, like this work, the décor and furnishings are intentionally extremely minimalist, allowing your focus to constantly be on the stunning landscape, breathtaking sunrises, and shocking sunsets.

 black h house living room view

The two owners of this house are comfortable with the minimalist design and offerings of the house as there is so much else to do in the region. Walking and hiking trails, climbing routes, and convenient boat-access, provide ample outdoor opportunities. As the couple grows older, if their enthusiasm for being active wanes, they can still enjoy the nature that crawls right up to their doorstep. Sheep, otters, sea-eagles, and even dolphins can be spotted in surrounding areas. If that alone wasn’t enough, the local region is host to several award-winning restaurants of great variety and is even near Dunvegan Castle, home to a massive and beautiful array of gardens, perfect for sightseeing or repeat enjoyment.

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outside view from black h house  bedroom

daylight view in scotland black h house

black h house wide angle view at evening

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