The Famous Background of Sheats-Goldstein House from The Big Lebowski

You’ll probably recognize the Sheats-Goldstein House even though you won’t know exactly why. The house has been used as a backdrop for movies like Charlie’s Angels, The Big Lebowski, and Bandits. You’ve probably also seen it on the small screen in shows like SouthLAnd and Snowfall. Then there are the music videso, like Snoop dogg’s “Let’s Get Blown”, G Eazy’s “Order More”, and Azealia Banks’ “ATM Jam.” Still not sure? Well, the house has also been host to many parties, including Rihanna’s 27th birthday party.

sheats goldstein house pool evening view

The house was originally built for Paul and Helen Sheats and uses American Organic Architecture for its design. The idea behind organic architecture is to make a home an extension of the existing natural environment and of the individual for whom it is built. In this case, the house was built from the inside out, building into a sandstone ledge of the hillside so that the house took on a cave-like feel while still opening up to embrace nature and the view.

sheats goldstein house sitting place

James Goldstein purchased the home in 1972 and set about remodeling and transforming it. Goldstein commissioned the original architect—John Lautner—to work on the house. The project took more than two decades to complete. The house has five bedrooms, four and a half baths, and a living room. The coffered ceiling of the living room features drinking glass skylights, (750 in total). The home uses the temperate California climate for temperature control. The property also features the Above Horizon art installation.

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goldstein house pool and natural scenario

goldstein house pool sitting place and shade view

goldstein house sitting area and outside view

goldstein house meeting and dining room view

goldstein house meeting table and bookshelf view

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