The Ghost House Haunts Modern Architecture

No, this isn’t where Peter Venkman, Raymond Stantz, and Egon Spengler went to retire after their careers as Ghostbusters. The Ghost House is the latest project from BPN Architects, and it showcases the firm’s keen knowledge of architecture.

inside look of the Ghost House

The Ghost House is located in Moreton Paddox, a small rural settlement in Warwickshire in the West Midlands region of England. Previously a country home occupied the lot, but the new owner wanted something different and was looking to Tadao Ando, a Japanese self-taught architect who was best known for “critical regionalism” approach to architecture, for inspiration. The home is referred to as the Ghost House because of its sunken design. The area has seen plenty of architects coming in and putting in new designs, and the Ghost House fits right in. Sunken partially into the ground, the home is made entirely of concrete that was cast in-situ. Three of the sides of the home feature floor-to-ceiling windows that are framed in steel. A reflecting pool in front of the house required a bridge. At the end of the bridge is a staircase that leads to a courtyard that sits well below the water level. Within that courtyard is the black door that leads to the interior.

ghost house design

Inside, the Ghost House is spacious and open. A dining area looks out into the courtyard. Steel staircases on either side of the main door lead up to the bedrooms, baths, and a cinema room. The rooms are lit by skylights. Because the concrete was cast in-situ, extra care had to be employed to ensure that all the sockets and light fittings were done ahead of time and correctly. A special sand was also employed in making the concrete so that the finish would be both solid and warm.

Ghost House design

The Ghost House, despite its spooky name, isn’t a showcase for spectral hauntings but rather is a display of what modern architecture can be. BPN Architects did a masterful job of exploring a new look and a new approach to get this home built.

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