The Hidden and Secluded Kumaon Hotel

The Kumaon Hotel is hidden between resting peaks in the shadow of the Nandi Devi Range, in India. The Kumaon offers a secluded mountain getaway nestled deeply in nature. When you book a stay at the Kumaon, you can walk amongst regionally-traditional crops and climb through forests of Oak and Cedar, as you make your way to ancient stone temples. If adventure is not as much of a desire, sit back and relax in the mountain sunshine and whispering breeze, while basking in the soothing scent of pine.

kumaon hotel side seeing area

If you traverse to the Kumaon, located in Kasar Devi, you would hardly be its first creative resident. The ridge about the city of Almora has attracted artists, poets, scholars, and searchers alike for centuries, including Swami Vivekananda, DH Lawrence, Timothy Leary, and Bob Dylan.

kumoan hotel dining room view

The area surrounding the Kasar Devi ridge supports several unique, sacred, and natural heritages. The history is told through landmarks and temples devoted to Uma and Shiva. While everything the Kumaon has to offer is impressive, nothing beats the village trails that allow you to see flora, fauna, and native elements up-close.

inside of the kumaon hotel bedroom

There are certainly worse places to get lost in nature, than amongst the trees in the Nandi Devi Mountain Range.

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mountain view from kumaon hotel terrace

bathroom view of kumoan hotel

kumaon hotel entrance way

sitting chair in room beside the veranda

fireplace in the lounge of kumaon hotel

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