The Honomobo Bar is a Party in a Box

Ingenious—that’s one word to describe the Honomobo Bar. How many times have you been in the back country enjoying an incredible view, or at the beach basking in a beautiful sunset, or in a gathering listening to the crowd and thought, “You know what would make this perfect? A good drink to toast the moment.” The Honomobo Bar makes that possible.

honomobo bar front desk and pool view

The Honomobo Bar is a converted storage container that houses an open bar. The bar features a black aluminum roll shutter for lock up, a Canadian fir treated butcher block bar top, an acid washed steel accent panel, a non-slip painted floor, hydraulic lifting arms for the main window, and JB for electrical extension cord pass through. It also has a three-foot cedar overhang that dresses up the container while also providing a wind and weather break. The beauty of the Honomobo Bar is its mobility. Essentially, if you can reach your destination with a truck, you can have a pop up bar there. The Honomobo Bar doesn’t need a foundation—just haul it wherever and drop it, and that’s it.

honomobo bar pools straight view on the evening

The one drawback might be that it doesn’t include electrical or plumbing—those require a more permanent location. But you can easily overcome those obstacles with a generator or extension cord and a little creativity.

honomobo bar white chair and red shade view

Pricing doesn’t include local taxes, site services, foundations, delivery or setup fees, decks, or permits. However, the Honomobo Bar is certified for use in California, Washington, and Western Canada.

Check it out

honomobo bar beach chair and frontside night view

honomobo bar on the mountain top

honomobo bar front chair covered on snow

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