The In My Back Yard Kit Scales for Any Location

Adriano Pupilli, an architect out of New South Wales, Australia, has developed a building kit that he has called IMBY—In My Back Yard. The kits are modular and can be erected just about anywhere. And they’re cool enough that you’ll be saying you want one “in my back yard.”

In My Back Yard Kit on the window with basket and toys

The idea behind the kits was to create a modular building kit that could be assembled on site by people without any skills. “It is a building kit that encapsulates the simplicity and elegance of ancient woodworking techniques with the efficiency and sustainability of digital fabrication and renewable resources,” says Pupilli’s web site. The buildings can be built with little impact on the local environment, and can be just as easily disassembled to be moved elsewhere. The buildings can also be scaled up or down to meet different needs.

In My Back Yard Kit chair on the corner

The kits are made of FSC Certified plantation plywood. Sheets of the plywood are cut in such a way as to use the materials more efficiently with as little wastage as possible. The cut out parts are layered to form frames that support the roof, walls, and floor. The structure relies on interlocking timber joints to create the backbone of the building but to also make construction simpler. For the exterior, either corrugated metal or weatherboard siding can be used.

In My Back Yard Kit

Using just two modules, you can create a tiny house or a tool shed. Put four together, and you would have room for a backyard office. Seven would give you space for a bed room, while 10 to 12 modules would provide a home with a place to sleep, a bathroom, and a kitchen. What Pupilli envisions with the IMBY kit is provide quality architectural thinking to the wider public with a system that uses economies of scale and automated fabrication techniques. Not only would this system make a great guest cottage or shed, it could also be used to provide shelter for groups of people, whether in the bush or the city.

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In My Back Yard Kit outside view