The Knowlton Residence Exudes Country Charm

Old country homes are often small and undersized. Built with just the idea of providing adequate shelter, they didn’t always provide the kind of room that we have grown accustomed to today. When Thomas Balaban Architect was contacted by a client wanting to update a country farmhouse to serve as their primary residence, adding on was a must. The Knowlton Residence took that old home and gave it a new look, and a bigger footprint.

Knowlton residence kitchen

For the build, the gable roof structure was completely renovated and a new two-story extension was built on the foundation of the previous one-story addition. Expanding upward created better views of the countryside while also providing more space for the family without having to excavate the hilltop where the house was built.

Knowlton residence stairway

Often when adding on, it’s easy to spot the new addition because it doesn’t adhere to the original look. Not so with the Knowlton Residence. TBA played off of the farmhouse stereotype. While there is a contrast between new and old, the result is purposeful, which helps to create cohesion between the different parts. The original structure was updated with a new corrugated metal roof and the brick was painted white. For the new structure, custom cedar boarding was charred and silvered to give it a weathered look, making it look like the old barns found throughout farm country.

Knowlton residence lounge view from the outside

The lower level of the home uses floor-to-ceiling windows to provide great views and to let in plenty of natural light. From this level you can see the Brome Lake Valley and Mont Sutton—landmarks of the area. Both for this level and the second story, windows are framed in darker materials to highlight the variety of geometric shapes found throughout the home.

Knowlton residence balcony

Country homes have a character that is a shame to lose or diminish with additions. Fortunately the Knowlton Residence successfully adds on to the home without losing the original charm.

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Knowlton residence side view

Knowlton residence roofing design

Knowlton residence lights on inside the house