The Muraka Underwater Hotel Turns Your Vacation 007

An underwater city has always captured the imagination—especially after James Bonds’ adventures in The Spy Who Loved Me. The Muraka Underwater Hotel lets you play the part of the intrepid MI6 agent, where Bond fought with the evil mastermind Stromberg–you’ll have nothing to deal with here but ultimate luxury and a team of dedicated butlers.

muraka underwater hotel wash basin

“Muraka” means coral in the native language of Dhivehi in the Conrad Maldives Rangali Islands. The suite doubles with accommodations above and below the water—16 feet below the water to be exact. Below the water, you’ll find rooms for living, dining, and entertaining; a bathroom; and a sleeping space with a king-size bed, all beneath a curved acrylic dome designed by a New Zealand based design firm. There is also an underwater restaurant, the Ithaa, for guests staying at the resort. The peaceful and serene setting will make for healthy appetites, peaceful sleep, and romantic moments. The underwater quarters connect topside via a spiral staircase. Above water, there is a gym, a bar, an infinity pool, the butlers’ quarters, a sunrise-facing deck, and an ocean-facing bathtub. The villa measures 652 square meters—550 above and 102 below.

muraka underwater hotel corridor

The build cost of the two-story hotel villa is north of $15 million, which might justify the $50,000 per night cost. The villa can accommodate up to nine guests (that’s $5,555 a piece if you’re doing the math).

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muraka underwater hotel bedroom interior design

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