The Mylla House Will Slowly Age with the Owner

The Mylla House has the unique feature of slowly aging as the seasons pass. This feature is accomplished by the use of untreated heart pine planks, which, as the years go by, will turn grey in response to the weather. Given the climate outside Oslo, this greying may well be the result of snowy winters and warm summers. Because of the snow, the house had to be designed with a sloped roof, but the designers approached this in a unique way as well. The Mylla House splits the gabled roof in half, creating four snow shed roofs that have a pinwheel configuration.

mylla house beside the forest

The interior of the house is finished in plywood. A continuous roof canopy ties the whole interior, which consists of three dedicated bedrooms and two full bathrooms, together. The furniture—bed frames, bunk beds, couch, dining table, benches, and shelves—is made of matching plywood.

people passing leisure time in mylla house

Set on a hilltop, the Mylla House has plenty of breath-taking views to admire. Each wing of the house is oriented to take in a specific view. From the great room, you can see Mylla Lake. The guest room opens up to the rolling hillside. The kids’ room has a view of the expansive sky. And the bedroom enjoys a private view of the verdant forest.

mylla house top view

The Mylla House has plenty for a small family to enjoy in comfort and warmth.

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