The Nojiri-ko Lakeside Cottage is an Incredible Find

In 1946, the find of a wooly mammoth tusk at Lake Nojiri-ko in Japan electrified the world. Flash forward to modern day, and the Lakeside Cottage built by Sugawaradaisuke architects has the same potential.

nojiri ko cottage surround of snow

Lake Nojiri is an ancient glacial lake that has ties to the Paleolithic era. Archeologists have analyzed diatoms, pollen, paleomagnetism, and volcanic ash from the site and have found remnants of humans and megafauna. All the gathered information has let scientists to call the area a “kill-butchering site.” This discovery was all thanks to the accidental discovery of a wooly mammoth tusk.

sightseeing area of nojiri ko lakeside hotel

The Lakeside Cottage is just as exciting. Divided into five distinct layers, the house has a plethora of different views and outlooks. Large windows open up to allow light in. From those same windows, you can see the nearby lake, which could be either have frozen in the winter, or sparkling in the summer sun. Each year, residents set off a dazzling display of fireworks for the Lake Nojiri hanabi festival in July, and the cottage is perfectly situated to enjoy the show. The house is set up to help occupants not only connect with the beauty around them, but also with each other.

Check it out

triangle ceiling of nojiri ko lakeside hotel

men observe snowfall from the hotel room

men stand with an axe in cottage

lake nojiri ko kitchen room

nojiri ko cottage dining and bedroom side view

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