The Point Nepean Residence Hides in Australia’s Beauty

Point Nepean in Victoria, Australia, marks the most southern point of The Rip and the most westerly point of the Mornington Peninsula. It’s the entrance to Port Phillip and its waters are part of the Port Phillip Heads Marine National Park while the land pertains to the Point Nepean National Park.

There’s plenty to see in the area, with reefs and beautiful natural landscapes, as well as many historical sites. There’s also the Point Nepean Residence, Portsea, by B.E. Architecture.

Point Nepean Residence bathroom

The Point Nepean Residence is set back from the road, offering privacy for the owners. Glimpses of the building only serve to titillate the imagination. After guests and visitors pass the front gate, they are able to stroll down a long walkway where they can take in the internal courtyard that is designed in an atrium-style.

That same courtyard leads to the main living area and provides incredible views over the pier to the ocean beyond.

Point Nepean Residence walkway

Upon seeing the house for the first time, guests will at first notice the weathered and rough texture of the stone façade. The stone is Travertine imported by Eco Outdoor. This façade doesn’t just match nearly perfectly with the rocky breakwater boulders down at the ocean’s shore, but it also serves a very important function—protecting the house from anything the ocean or nature can throw at it.

Point Nepean Residence stairway

Plantation teak, which was sustainably sourced, wraps the lower portion of the building, providing a contrasting warmth to the travertine. The shades on the upstairs windows are also of teak and are mechanically operated to open or close with the push of a button, protecting guests from excessive sun or opening up to reveal views of the bay.

The blinds also serve to protect the home from strong winds and storms rolling in off the ocean.

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Point Nepean Residence bathroom sink

Point Nepean Residence outside view