The Red House by Titirangi Stands Out

On the western edge of Auckland, there’s a little suburb called Titirangi. Suburbs are, more often than not, boring and plain—they’re a place of houses and families, with very little to set them apart from any other suburb in any other metropolitan area. But the suburb of Titirangi is special. This particular suburb has a high number of architect-designed homes. These homes are unique and artistic, and the latest addition to the neighborhood both fits right in and stands out.

evening view red house side view

The Red House was designed by Crosson Company and was built for an artist and percussionist. It’s a small home, measuring only 90 square meters. It was also built on a tight budget. Even with these constraints, Crosson came up with something pretty special.

study area red house

The name, as you might expect, was given because of the home’s red colour. Ken Corsson went with corrugated iron cladding, which was installed with alternating vertical and horizontal orientations to help break up the house and give it a unique graphic and texture. An open deck provides both access to the home, but also a look out point to take in the view of the surrounding bush.

Two bedrooms and a bathroom make up the ground floor. A 40 square meter living space with views of the surrounding area makes up the bulk of the second floor. The third floor is a roof deck.

The Red House stands out in a neighbourhood of standouts.

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lounge view red house

top view red house

re house nature view