The Romain St House Explores the Mother-in-Law Apartment

Mother-in-law apartments need not be hidden away, as is evidenced by the Romain St. House. The house features a new vertical addition that transformed the two story home into three distinct living areas. The bottom area consists of living quarters for a mother. Here the color scheme is grey. The top level is meant as a bedroom suite, deck, and home office for a young couple. In this zone, the color scheme is white. In between the two is an area for a shared living space, a deck, and the kitchen. This third area is defined by the mixing of the two colors. A constant horizon line demarcates where the top and bottom meet, defining what areas are shared between the two. This innovative approach creates a space that is both private and shared—perfect for a home meant for two generations of a family.

romain st house dining room and staircase

The interior of the home is clean and modern. Geometric shapes are a mix of the regular square, triangle, and circle with accentuating irregular shapes. The color scheme may sound like an episode of a sitcom where siblings or roommates split their shared area in two with a clearly marked line, but the result is actually very unifying. The Romain St House proves that you don’t have to relegate your mother-in-law to a basement or attic. You can have shared space as well as privacy.

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romain st house livinig room decoration

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