The Sant Marti House is Spanish Charm Exemplified

The Sant Marti House, located in a small valley in Valles Occidental in Catalonia, Spain, may have started out as a farmhouse, but Barcelona-based Francesc Rife Studio transformed the sturdy, three-story farmhouse into a modern respite that still maintains its old, rustic charm.

sant marti house dining room

The house was originally built of local stone, and over the years, many other structures were added to the property, as well as many renovations and changes—both in and out. This latest renovation is no exception, with horse stables being added. Where Francesc Rife Studio went right was in maintaining the original elements of the house. Far too many houses lose their original charm as old walls and structures are covered up in the name of “updating” a home.

New materials are brought in to cover up the old. Francesc Rife Studio instead relied upon the look, texture, and feel of the brick and stone work, as well as the exposed beams used for the roof or other structural elements.

pool view sant marti

The house also uses folding or sliding doors to divide up the many different areas. These doors allow more natural light to pass through the home. They also create a greater sense of openness and connectivity throughout. That sense of connection is no small thing, as the house measures 6,189 square feet—in just the farmhouse alone. The other buildings add another 5,489 square feet. There is also a 4,376 square meter courtyard, a terrace, barbecue, swimming pool, and changing area.

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sant marti house

sliding door sant marti house

sant marti with horse

sant marti outside view

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