There’s no Toll to Reach the Troll’s Peak Cabin

Even if there is a bridge to pass over on the way to the Troll’s Peak Cabin, you won’t be paying any tolls to any trolls. Of course, if you did, the cabin would be more than worth the price of entrance.

trolls peak cabin view on daylight

Located in Sunndal, the cabin was designed by Rever and Drage. The construction features classic Norwegian building techniques perfected by Viking progenitors. The cabin starts with two areas built with saddle notched eight inch logs. This portion of the cabin provides a large living space with a second room that could be used as a bedroom. The next quarter of the cabin features six inch logs with a dovetail notch. The final quarter of the cabin is built in the timber frame “Stavline” style, which is a light construction method used mostly with uninsulated buildings. This particular construction style is used quite a bit along Norway’s coast, where winds reach very high levels, requiring that homes be very strong.

trolls peak cabin entarrence with half shed

While the construction methods are classic, the look is largely modern. Each section of the house is clearly marked. Following in line with the distinction of construction method, the portions of the house can also be picked out. From the round and square logs of different sections, to the mainly glass Stavline, and finally the different roofs (glass, wood, tile, and grass), each section is truly unique. The Troll’s Peak Cabin is a modern homage to classic Viking construction.

Check it out

trolls peak cabin wooden wall with the window

trolls peak cabin evening view

trolls peak cabin natural beauty with cloudy sky

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