There’s Nothing Rustic about this Cabin—Strand Design’s Northern Lake Home

A few years ago, the term “cabin in the woods” took on a completely different meaning. Strand Design, an architectural design and building services firm located in Minneapolis, put together an unparalleled cabin for a young Minnesota couple that changes that meaning yet again. Where some cabins might have been a front for mythological atrocities, this cabin is a modern marvel that ties in beautifully with its surroundings.

northern lake home yard and inner view

Hidden in a natural hollow, the Northern Lake Home is divided into two dwellings joined by a glass passageway. The living areas are largely glass, allowing occupants to feel as if they are a part of the woods and also providing a view of the nearby lake. Sleeping and living quarters are separated to allow for an active lifestyle that doesn’t interrupt quiet times as well. Additionally, the glass core between the buildings can be quickly converted into a larger gathering space by expanding the dining room.

people gossiping in northern lake home drawing room

The grays and whites of the home tie into both timeless nature and modern sophistication. The warmth of white oak brings in a soft touch, making the home feel inviting and comforting. The combination results in the surrounding environment to be center stage, increasing the potential for occupants to slip into a contemplative, peaceful state.

Check it out

northern lake home sofa and dining area

northern lake home bathroom decoration

northern lake home tv room decoration with window

northern lake home dining room decoration

men working on northern lake home dining

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