Things Just Worked Out for Casa Bedolla

Sometimes things just happen to work out. Casa Bedolla, for instance, started out as a site that was noticed while the architects, P+O Arguitectura, was working on another home nearby. Inspired by the sight, the team took to planning out another home to set in that spot, and that’s how Casa Bedolla came about.

Casa Bedolla lounge area

Of course, there was a bit more to it than that. The design had to be created first. For that design, the architects took 245 square meters of living space and divided it into two volumes—“two stone boxes” as the architects call it. These “boxes” are staggered on the side of one of the mountains in Neuvo Leon in the El Jonuco region of northwest Mexico. The boxes were precisely placed at exact angles so that they would fit in between the trees that grow on the site.

You might have to look a bit for the house when you visit. Not only is it tucked in amongst the trees, it’s also made with materials sourced locally, so the stone walls blend right in with the mountainside. Cantilevered onto the side of the mountain allows for some pretty spectacular views, which can be enjoyed even more from the flat, concrete rooves. From these elevated points, residents are treated to views of the canyon, including a ravine below the house.

casa bedolla garage

The interior of the home makes use of an industrial look and feel, thanks to the prolific use of concrete. Concrete walls, stairs, and floor are illuminated by glass walls. The higher half of the home makes up the more private part of the estate, while the lower half is used for more social occasions. A wooden roof and other wood accents provide warmer tones to soften the atmosphere of the home.

As described, the home may sound like it would feel more like a cell than a house, but the open floor plan and the closeness to nature make it a welcoming place. After all, some things are just meant to work out.

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Casa Bedolla window glass in bedroom

Casa Bedolla entrance

Casa Bedolla

Casa Bedolla behind the trees