Thoreau Would Have Loved the Willow Treehouse

The Willow Treehouse is a secluded cabin that is a fit place for recollection rivaling even Henry David Thoreau’s Walden Pond. The house is an eclectic gathering of shapes—primarily trapezoids—balanced atop a pedestal and two stilts. Below the main house is a deck that enjoys the shade of the building perched above it. There are plenty of windows to enjoy the natural scenes that surround the treehouse, especially the pond (which is shared with the main house and is swimmable).

willow treehouse cabin with staircase

While Thoreau suffered in what was more a shack than a cabin, visitors to the Willow Treehouse will be “suffering” in style and comfort. The treehouse has everything you need to cook dinner, relax, and rejuvenate. There is one bedroom but three beds, and a bath. A wood-heated hot tub is also available for an enjoyable soak. The sleeping loft is accessible by ladder. You also have to walk in, so excessive luggage isn’t advised.

willow treehouse dining room view

The Willow Treehouse was designed by Antony Gibbon and built by William Johnson. It is situated on a 34-acre property, providing plenty of room for exploring or just quiet contemplation. As a romantic get-away or a writer’s secluded post, the Willow Tree is not only comfortable, but gorgeous and inspiring.

Check it out

treehouse bedroom view

tree house outside view from the bedroom

tree house kitchen with outside view

willow tree house attic view

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