Tobin Island Boat House Brings You to the Water’s Edge

Boat houses have long had an allure that is almost mystical. There’s something soothing about the water’s gentle motion and the sounds of it lapping up against the shore. No doubt, Akb, an award-winning architecture firm based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, had these thoughts in mind when they began working on the Tobin Island Boat House. Akb approaches every project with “a unified and holistic approach to interior and exterior space merges building and landscape into a seamless experience.” That goal was met with this project.

Tobin Island kitchen

With the backdrop and foundation of Lake Rosseau in Ontario, the Tobin Island Boathouse doesn’t fall into the typical design one would expect from a boathouse. Instead, it uses a more planar design, with a series of horizontal planes set to emulate the lake’s rhythms and movements. The boathouse also comes with a large dock that allows plenty of space for gathering literally at the water’s edge. Opposite the dock there is a trellis that is cantilevered from the shore to provide shade from the sun. There are two bedrooms, a bathroom, a lounge, and a kitchenette, all of which have plenty of windows to give beautiful views of the natural settings.

ground view boat house

The exterior of the home is done in cedar that has been treated using the Shou Sugi Ban technique that not only protects the wood, but also darkens it considerably. That darker color contrasts with the warmer colors of the Baltic Birch used on the inside.

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garage view Tobin Island

Tobin Island boat house

outside view Tobin Island house

inside view house

aerial view boat house